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Plastic Lanpack

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Plastic Lanpack for cooling tower 2.3' 3.5'

Tianma is a Column Internals manufacturer.Lanpack has excellent properties for use in pre-treatment filters in desalination plants, both in filters for filtration of coagulated water and in biological processes. Use of Filtralite will provide low SDI values, reduced danger for bio-fouling of the RO membranes and long filter runs between back washes. For reverse osmosis (RO) desalination plants a good pre-treatment is essential for avoiding membrane fouling, resulting in reduced water production and increased operational costs.



1.high free volume,

2.low pressure drop,

3.low mass-transfer unit height

4.high flooding point

Material:PP, PE, PVDF

Following are some of the major applications of this range

Used in air strippers


Vacuum deaeration

De-carbonation for corrosion control

Aeration for H2S Removal

Following are some of the major specifications of this range

·         Available in two sizes: 2.3 inches and 3.5 inches

·         Scrubbers with high liquid flux (less than 10 gpm/ft2)

·         Availed in variety of plastic materials

·         Material such as Polypropylene, Polyethylene, PP and Teflon used

·         Groundwater re-mediation by air stripping

·         Weight (PP): 6.2 lb/ ft³/ 99Kg/m³ to 4.2lb/ft³/ 67 Kg/m³

·         Aeration of water for H2S removal               



Delivery and Packaging

1)OCEAN SHIPPING for large volume.

2)AIR or EXPRESS TRANSPORT for sample request.

3)Catalytic converter shipping methods: Fedex, TNT, DHL Express

4)Payment: T/T; L/C; Paypal; Western Union

Lead Time :

7-15 days after advanced payment received

Packaging :

plastic woven bags+ jumbo bag +pallet 

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