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Classification of various towers in Chemical packing and application of column packing

Classification of various towers in Chemical packing and application of column packing


Tower packing and related products title and scope of application:


Ceramic balls: used for covering, supporting, filtering and catalyst carrier function in various packing towers, air separation installation heat storage packing, high wear resistance grinding medium.
Ceramic balls include: inert ceramic ball, perforated ceramic ball, microporous ceramic ball, active ceramic ball, heat storage ceramic ball, refractory ceramic ball, grinding ceramic ball.
Widely used in industry of oil, chemical, chemical fertilizer, natural gas, smelting and environmental protection, etc.

Chemical packing: drying tower, absorption tower, cooling tower, washing tower, regeneration tower, desulfurizing tower and distillation tower used in chemical industry, oil, metallurgy, gas, environmental protection, etc.
The chemical packing is divide into ceramic, plastic, metal material random and structured packing.

Ceramic packing: has excellent acid and heat resistance, can resist the corrosion of all kinds of inorganic acids, organic acids and organic solvents except hydrofluoric acid, can be used in various high and low temperature places, the application scope is very common. Ceramic packing can be used in drying tower, absorption tower, cooling tower, washing tower, distillation tower, atmospheric pressure tower, synthetic tower, catalytic tower, regeneration tower and so on in chemical industry, metallurgy, gas, oxygen production and other industries.
Ceramic packing is divide into random packing (Raschig ring, Pall ring, Cascade mini ring, Cross ring, Intalox saddle ring, Supper intalox saddle ring, Conjugate ring, Three Y ring, Super Mini rings, etc.) and ceramic corrugated structured packing.

Ceramic packing

Plastic packing: has the characteristics of light weight, heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and so on, including PP,PE,RPP,PVC,CPVC,PVDF and other material made of tower packing.
The plastic packing has high voidage, low pressure drop and mass transfer unit height, and high flooding point. Vapor-liquid contact is abundant, mass transfer efficiency is high.
The application temperature in various media is 60 ℃ 280 ℃, the plastic packing is widely used in the packing tower of oil, chemical industry, chlor-alkali, gas, environmental protection and so on.
Plastic packing is divided into random packing (polyhedral hollow ball, rosette ring, Hale ring, Cascade ring, Pall ring, Intalox saddle ring,Supper Intalox saddle ring, conjugate ring, flat ring, Raschig ring, snowflake ring, six lozenge(hexagonal) ring, cross spherical ring, floating ball, Liquid-surface covering ball, diamond covering ball, etc.) and plastic structured packing.

Plastic packing

Metal packing: made of carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy material. Metal packing has the advantages of thin wall, cold and heat resistance, large voidage, large flux, low pressure, low resistance, good separation effect, long life, etc. Although the one-time investment is a little larger, it can give full play to the potential of the equipment. Metal packing is suitable for vacuum distillation tower, easy to synthesize, compact and carbonized materials.

Metal packing

Metal packing is widely used in packed towers of oil, chemical, fertilizer and environmental protection industries.
Metal packing is divide into random packing (Pall ring, Intalox saddle ring, Cascade ring, conjugate ring, Raschig ring, flat ring, etc.) and metal structured packing (metal wire mesh corrugated packing, metal orifice corrugated packing, calendering perforated plate corrugated packing, HT semi-tubular regular packing)

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