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What is Random Packing Metal Orifice Corrugated Packing

 What is Random Packing Metal Orifice Corrugated PackingMetal Orifice Corrugated Packing is comprised of proprietary designed wire mesh corrugated sheets.  These allow thin liquid films to be continuously spread across the tower as liquid flows through the packing. Capillary action and high surface areas result in maximum exposure between liquid and vapor phase, which equates to high mass transfer efficiency, especially at low liquid rates.

 Metal Wire Gauze Corrugated Packing

Ideal for processing specialty chemicals, isomers, pharmaceuticals, flavors, fragrances and other temperature sensitive materials, the very high efficiency and low pressure drop of this packing are unequaled.

Metal Wire Gauze Corrugated Packing

Key Benefits:

  • High number of theoretical stages      per foot

  • Low pressure drop per theoretical      stage

  • Low hold-up

  • Self wetting surface


  • Low liquid-loading systems

  • For a large number of theoretical      stages

  • Vacuum from 1 mbar to atmospheric

  • Raising performance of an existing      column

  • For smaller overall column height

  • Batch and continuous columns


  • Materials: All stainless steels,      nickel, hastelloy, Inconel, monel and many others.

  • Installed diameters from 2” to 15’      -6”

  • Custom height layers 2” – 6.75”

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