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What is the effect of metal saddle ring packing?

Metal Saddle Rings were originally introduced to the industry under the product name IMPT Intalox Metal Tower Packing. TIANMA offers a similar high performance, third generation random packing in primarily 304SS and 316SS metal alloy for quick replacement in kind from stock materials. TIANMA High Performance Packing combines the performance advantages of saddle and ring styles into one high performance packing. Its unique shape ensures low liquid hold-up and low pressure drop. The external geometry prevents the packing from interlocking or entangling, ensuring the randomness and optimum surface area within the packed bed, while the internal fingers, arches and vanes promote optimum interfacial gas/ liquid contact with minimal drag or hold-up. Available in various sizes, this random packing type allows for combinations of efficiency and pressure drop and can be fabricated from a variety of metals.

Metal Saddle Rings Metal Tower Packing

Metal Saddle Rings Metal Tower Packing

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